Divorce & Family Law Articles

How Do You Know If You Are Paying or Receiving the Right Amount of Child Support?

In Pennsylvania, both parents are legally obligated to financially support their child until he or she is 18 years of age and has graduated from high school, whichever is later. A child support order is based on the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines. The first step in calculating child support is to determine each parent’s net income for purposes of child support, which may differ from the parent’s take-home pay. Once the parties’ net incomes or earning capacities are determined, they are entered into a formula, which results in each parent’s financial responsibility for the child.

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The Effects of a Divorce or Pending Divorce Proceedings on Estate and Disability Planning Documents

Estate and disability planning documents are affected in different ways by divorce proceedings and the entry of a divorce decree. It is very important that you review your estate and disability planning documents, such as your will, power of attorney, advance health care directive or medical power of attorney and contracts naming a beneficiary, with an attorney if you or your spouse files a divorce complaint.

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