A Simple and Effective Estate Planning Guide

I have developed a simple and effective estate planning guide that is based around placing each of your assets in one of 3 boxes.

Box 1 contains assets such as retirement plans which have a beneficiary designation.

Box 2 contains jointly owned assets that pass directly to the survivor when the first owner dies.

Box 3 contains every other asset you own which are then controlled by your Will at your death.

Using this guide to allocate your assets:

  • we will see exactly how your estate plan fits together;
  • we will see what steps to take now to implement your plan; and
  • we will identify opportunities to allocate and reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

Do you have young children or beneficiaries with special needs? Seeing your assets allocated between the 3 boxes will help you create the best plan for them.

We all remember things better when we associate them with a picture. This 3-boxes guide allows you to create a mental picture of your plan. Having a mental picture of your plan will help you to follow it now and know when it is time to make changes to your plan later.

All of my client feedback on this estate planning guide has been very positive. Clients tell me how much clearer this makes their asset picture and plan.

When we sit down to discuss estate planning I will show you the 3 boxes guide and explain it to you. I'll give you the guide to take home so you can allocate your assets in the boxes. When you finish, we can create your estate plan and prepare the documents to carry out your plan.

When you are ready to create an estate plan that is perfect for you call me at 610-323-7464.