Business Law

Business Law AttorneysWhen you are starting out in business, understanding the right type of entity to form is important. Whether it is a C-corporation, S-corporation, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership or sole proprietorship we will help you decide what is right for your new business.

Liability of the owner for debts and obligations of the business is always an important concern. We will explain the best ways to limit your liability.

Forming the business entity is only the beginning. Businesses with more than one owner should have agreements to deal with management, death of an owner, dissolution or sale. These are often referred to as Buy-Sell Agreements. The time to work out these issues is at formation.

Thoughtful business succession planning and estate planning are critical for any non-public business, small or large. Family limited partnerships can be a valuable tool for transferring the family business to your children.

When a business has run its course and needs to dissolve, we will guide your business through that maze too.

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