Contract Law

Business Law Attorneys

Contract law is at the heart of not only most business dealings, but also most consumer transactions. Contracts impact your life in many ways.

You entered a contract to buy, sell or lease your house or apartment and car. Every time you buy, sell or lease something you are a party to a contract. It may be oral or written. If you have an email, Facebook Twitter, Picasa or any other social media account, you signed a contract with the provider called “Terms of Service.”

Whether a contract is related to your business or your personal life, it is important to seek the advice from a knowledgeable attorney to help you understand your rights and options, to assist you in negotiations, to prepare an agreement for you, to review a contract that was given to you, and to understand the legal effects of signing or not signing the contract.

The most common contract mistakes people make are entering into verbal contracts for important transactions, not reading and understanding written contracts thoroughly before they sign them. Avoid those mistakes. Call us for advice first.