Zoning & Land Use

Zoning & land use attorneysYour real estate is governed by zoning and land use laws. How you use your property along with your building location, size and purpose are all regulated. This is true for a house and a commercial property.

Buying a property in ignorance of zoning laws and seeking permission afterward has left many seriously disappointed property owners.

Zoning regulations can have a big impact on property values. Buying a house next to vacant land, could seriously reduce your property value when someone builds a big storage garage for his contracting business in sight from your big picture window. Hearing him start up the diesel engines at 6 AM each morning will not be very pleasant either.

Buying a commercial property with an existing use that is non-conforming because of its location will mean the owner will be subject to more stringent restrictions on expanding than if the owner purchased a property which conforms to the zoning where it is located. These are only two examples of why knowledge of zoning before purchasing a property is so important. We can help you understand a zoning ordinance and its potential impacts on you and your property.

Can you subdivide that oversized lot you bought? Are the in-law quarters in the house you want to buy grandfathered? Asking the township zoning officer for an informal opinion is no guarantee. Talk to us about how to find the right answers to these and many other questions.

If you find yourself needing zoning relief, we can explain the best way to approach getting that relief. Zoning variances, special exceptions and conditional uses are very different and the process and proof needed to be successful will vary. Sometimes the evidence and proof required by law are not the most important aspects of successfully getting zoning relief. We can explain why.

Our zoning and land use lawyers have combined experience of over 30 years. Call us to discuss your zoning questions.

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