Business Law Reviews

"As the proprietor of a new small business company (proposal development - Government contracts), I was looking for an attorney to help me set up my LLC. Kurt Holloway was recommended to me by another business owner whom I work with and respect. I reached out to Kurt Holloway and he asked me all the pertinent questions he needed to know in order to best assist me. Understanding that this was new territory for me, Kurt answered all of my questions and patiently guided me through the process, explaining the purpose and benefits of an LLC and the schedule milestones and documentation I would receive in the coming weeks. To say I was "satisfied" or even pleased with this process would be an understatement. Kurt and his supporting staff were cordial, professional and responsive. I was very grateful for their highly professional services.

On a separate note, a few weeks after my LLC was finalized, I called Kurt with a question concerning a personal matter in which I needed assurance and clarification on my legal rights. As it turned out, Kurt's advice to me regarding this matter was spot on and after following his advice, the matter was resolved the same day. Although I was prepared to pay him for his time, Kurt refused, stating that a few minutes of advice on the phone is part of the benefit of doing business with his firm.

Attorneys are oft times unfairly chastised, ridiculed, mocked and the convenient butt of many jokes; however, as a family man, an investor and a business owner, I sleep well at night knowing that I have a highly regarded law firm that stands ready to support, guide and defend me and my family during those times when I need their services the most. Thank you."

Bill, August 10, 2015

"I have been very satisfied with the work Kurt Holloway and his firm has done for me, both for business and personally. Kurt is one of the few lawyers that speak in layman terms and strive to keep legal issues as straight forward and simple as possible. I've never ended a transaction with him wondering what it was that he was talking about. Thanks."

Kevin, August 26, 2015